About Us

Hardies Lawyers is a specialist reconstruction and insolvency law firm based in Perth, Western Australia.


Since 2001, we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses in Perth get from red to black during periods of financial distress by providing expert legal advice and services focused on restoring and preserving business and asset value.


We are not a typical litigation based insolvency practice. Our preferred approach is to help you restructure and recapitalise your business, preferably in a non-insolvency environment and without going to Court, to minimise costs and avoid the unnecessary destruction of value in your business. As experienced insolvency lawyers, we understand that dealing with financial distress is not easy for any business owner, so we are sensitive to your situation and recognise that confidentiality and trust is required and expected at all times when we work with you.


As insolvency specialists, we also recognise and understand the complexity of legal issues faced by directors of financially distressed companies which are often overlooked by traditional litigation firms and general commercial lawyers. This specialist knowledge, together with our “restructuring first” approach to corporate insolvency, is what sets us apart from other lawyers.